A Surprising Secret of Forward Movement

Problem solving, opportunities and forward movement are about options. Life feels good when it presents options. We feel trapped, on the other hand, without options. Options liberate but not always.

The down side of options:

As few as two options may cause confusion, division, and stall forward movement. I know about a nonprofit that presented two qualified prospective leaders to fill the vacant lead role. They split over which one to hire so they didn’t hire either when either was qualified.

Options also drain enthusiasm and commitment. You’re never 100% committed to plan A when plan B sits in the wings. A fall back plan results in falling back. Entering marriage, for example, focused on the others you might have married suggests you aren’t ready for marriage.

If you create an escape hatch you’ll use it. Longing for “what might have been” kills momentum.

Create then eliminate:

What you “could do” may block you from doing anything. Great decision-makers courageously eliminate options. “No” enables and energizes “yes”.

Triumphant forward movement requires turning your back on all options except one and pursuing that option with gusto. Keeping all your options opened is like running with rocks in your pockets. The sooner you empty your pockets the better off you’ll be.


How do you eliminate options?

Can you think of decisions that are enhanced by keeping all your options opened?


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