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How to Define Deadweight

Teams rise when you ditch deadweight.

One bad apple lowers performance by 30 to 40 percent.

How to define deadweight…

Dear Dan: Am I Helping or Hindering

Today I’m answering a wonderful question from a reader. I wish more people asked, “How can I tell if I am helping or hindering.

We’ve all seen our efforts backfire.

Every leader has to terminate people. How can you do this without negative reflections on your own leadership skills?

How can you tell if someone really wants to grow?

Steady on!

Why We Overcomplicate Things

Smart people complicate simplicity. Sincere people overcomplicate life by worrying about everybody’s feelings. Aspirational people overcomplicate work by overachieving insignificance. “Simplicity is a great virtue but it requires hard work to achieve it… Continue reading

4 Ways to Procrastinate Successfully

Everyone procrastinates, but you can’t make a career of it. I’d be rich if I could find a CPO position – Chief Procrastination Officer. People most likely to procrastinate are impulsive, disorganized, or… Continue reading

The Shocking Truth about Being Beautiful

Everyone is beautiful just the way they are except greedy billionaires, self-serving politicians of the opposite party, and powerful old white men who think women should have babies, cook dinner, and stay out… Continue reading

How to Master the Future:

You know what happens when you decide to sleep late. You will rush when you get up. You will splash water on your face. Do something with your hair. Throw on a shirt.… Continue reading