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Anyone Can Learn to Lead

Stop saying, “I’m just not good at that.” If you aren’t good at leadership, learn to lead. Don’t cower behind, “I’m not wired that way.” Learn to lead from the genetic platform you… Continue reading

23 Ways to Lower Stress that Don’t Work

I feel stress when people tell me to relax. A little stress is good. A lot of stress eats you alive. Stress in large doses makes you stupid. Chronic stress shrinks your brain.… Continue reading

7 Simple Steps that Accelerate Growth

Leaders who aren’t growing are failing. You were born with potential, but reaching potential is up to you. Constant improvement is first about you. Growth is the path to maximum contribution. 7 simple… Continue reading

Saturday Sage: 12 Quiet Quitting Remedies

Thanks to TikTok everyone is talking about ‘quiet quitting’. Definitions of quiet quitting: Quiet quitting doesn’t mean that an employee has quit, but they are setting boundaries at work and refusing to go… Continue reading

Saturday Sage: How to Become a Go-To Person

When your friends face critical life-decisions, you want to be their go-to person. When knees buckle and people are stressed, you want to give strength. When leaders around you stumble, you want them… Continue reading

5 Ways to Protect Yourself from Stress

Chronic stress corrodes your brain. Stress in large doses makes you stupid. Some parts of your brain shrink under the influence of prolonged stress.* Chronic stress lowers brain power and emotional responsiveness. 5… Continue reading