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Smart Help – 7 Questions to Ask Before Helping

Successful leaders help people, but helping has disadvantages you might not see. Don’t rush to help. Strength rises to challenges. Don’t get in the way. Ease bores talented people. Challenge brings out people’s… Continue reading

The Goal of Helping is Enabling, Not More Helping

Ego needs to feel important. A ego-filled leader enjoys dependent relationships. Helping feels good. It’s destructive when people can’t move forward without you. Reject the ego-building intoxication that comes from being needed. The… Continue reading

7 Rules for Overhelpful Leaders

Don’t hand the ball to a person who habitually drops it. Turbulent days have enough frustrations of their own. Don’t enable people to frustrate you. First reflection: Examine yourself before you complain about… Continue reading

6 Questions Smart Leaders Ask Themselves When Giving Ownership

#1. What is my attitude about letting go of things? Leaders who are reluctant to give ownership always end up doing other people’s work. People are slow to take ownership when you are… Continue reading

Have you Fallen into the Destructive Practice of Offering Harmful Help

Harmful help looks like… Not doing your own job because you’re doing other people’s jobs. Bottlenecking results. Burnout. Resentment toward people who should be helping themselves and others. Disappointment because you helped someone,… Continue reading

4 Ways to Get Ahead in Any Organization

Aspiration that contaminates enjoyment sabotages success. 4 ways to get ahead in any organization: #1. Thrive in the shadows. If you aspire to get ahead, help someone else get ahead. Swen Nater made… Continue reading