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Three Leadership Quotes from the Movie Black Panther

We just watched the movie Black Panther. Frankly, I thought it was ho hum. Maybe because I was comparing it to Wonder Woman which rocked. However, I heard some great leadership wisdom from… Continue reading

Five Key Dynamics That Set Successful Teams Apart

The five key dynamics that set successful teams apart are:  Psychological safety: Can we take risks on this team without feeling insecure or embarrassed? Dependability: Can we count on each other to do… Continue reading

The Good News is 70% of Leaders Survive Their Weaknesses

You have a small bucket of remarkable strengths, a large bucket of average strengths, and a huge bucket of weaknesses. The good news is 70% of leaders survive their weaknesses. “30% of all… Continue reading

How Leaders Defeat Discouragement

You need encouragement because discouragement is real. How leaders defeat discouragement: #1. Embrace the three unglamourous basics of success. It might surprise you, but success begins with healthy food, restful sleep, and moderate… Continue reading

5 Ways to Cheer Up When You Feel Blue

Anyone who never feels blue needs to get in touch with reality. You feel blue when: Responsibilities weigh on you. This type of sadness often reflects loneliness. You poured yourself into a project… Continue reading

The Biggest Danger in Leadership

Self-importance is behind most of the stupid things leaders do. Self-importance keeps leaders ignorant and isolated. Self-importance blinds you to your weaknesses and distorts your view of strength in others. Even insecurity is… Continue reading