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Five Key Dynamics That Set Successful Teams Apart

The five key dynamics that set successful teams apart are:  Psychological safety: Can we take risks on this team without feeling insecure or embarrassed? Dependability: Can we count on each other to do… Continue reading

The Good News is 70% of Leaders Survive Their Weaknesses

You have a small bucket of remarkable strengths, a large bucket of average strengths, and a huge bucket of weaknesses. The good news is 70% of leaders survive their weaknesses. “30% of all… Continue reading

How Leaders Defeat Discouragement

You need encouragement because discouragement is real. How leaders defeat discouragement: #1. Embrace the three unglamourous basics of success. It might surprise you, but success begins with healthy food, restful sleep, and moderate… Continue reading

5 Ways to Cheer Up When You Feel Blue

Anyone who never feels blue needs to get in touch with reality. You feel blue when: Responsibilities weigh on you. This type of sadness often reflects loneliness. You poured yourself into a project… Continue reading

The Biggest Danger in Leadership

Self-importance is behind most of the stupid things leaders do. Self-importance keeps leaders ignorant and isolated. Self-importance blinds you to your weaknesses and distorts your view of strength in others. Even insecurity is… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: Help We’re Stuck and Sinking

Dear Dan, Our organization is stuck. We’re losing energy and declining. What suggestions do you have for getting unstuck? Sincerely, Nervous about the future Dear Nervous, Thanks for your question. Apart from intervention,… Continue reading