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How Three Time Filters Impact Leadership

Your view of time impacts relationships and decisions. Time is a way of seeing. Some leaders make decisions with the past in mind, others focus on the present. Still others, perhaps the most dangerous,… Continue reading

Bad Habits are Never Intentional

The rush to get things done is one reason you grow frustrated with the way things get done. You didn’t get up this morning with aspirations to go home discouraged. Bad habits are never… Continue reading

16 Keys to Creating the Year You Want

Last year I enjoyed an engagement with the owner of four Midas stores in Richmond, VA. One of them is the #1 Midas store in the U.S. Mark Smith and I have become… Continue reading

The Leader on a Pony

A few leaders possess wide bands of competence and giftedness. You probably don’t. Your high horse is a pony, at best. You possess a narrow band of giftedness. In the middle, you have… Continue reading

You Aren’t Fit to Lead Until …

If you want to become a remarkable leader, follow a leader of character, conviction, and vision. Don’t ask people to follow you until you’ve humbly followed someone else. You aren’t fit to lead until you… Continue reading

3 Powerful Ways to Solve Lousy Leadership

The most dangerous quality of lousy leadership is the belief that they’re good leaders. Lousy leaders: Feel superior to the team. Work in isolation. Feel confused about values. Run around like a chicken with it’s… Continue reading