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Five Leadership Freak Articles People Loved to Read in 2021

I’m frequently surprised by the articles I post that get the most readers. A post is probably crap when I think it’s brilliant. The posts I bang out quickly often invite the most… Continue reading

Nailing It: How Young People Got It Together

“I am a part of everything that I have read.” Theodore Roosevelt I read the biography of George Washington Carver when I was in High School. He’s been with me ever since. Recently,… Continue reading

A Surprising Thing You Can Do for Yourself

Self-centered people are anxious and unhappy. Research shows one source of self-centeredness is loneliness. A lonely person turns inward. Feeling isolated motivates people to focus on their own self-interest. What’s worse? Lonely people… Continue reading

Shaping Influences Make You

Everything you will become began with others. Your parents are the first shaping influence in your life. Many others followed. Teachers, friends, coaches, mentors, bosses, co-workers, even brief interactions with strangers contribute to who… Continue reading

Dear Dan: I Feel Burn-Out Because Administration Promotes Unqualified People

Dear Dan, First, I really enjoy your leadership tweets. Second, I’m currently at a job, where the administration seems to be promoting ‘yes men’ and not qualified people to supervisors. Not leaders. This… Continue reading

Four Ways to Succeed with the Stinky Part of Work

If you dislike 30% of your job, look for another job. You can dislike 20% of your job and still enjoy work. (Informal surveys of managers.) If you like 80% of your job,… Continue reading