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How to Spot and Overcome Manipulation

Leaders become manipulators when self-serving goals outweigh organizational interests. Self-serving goals require manipulation, coercion, deception, and pressure tactics. Shared goals, on the other hand, pull everyone forward. “There is perhaps nothing more dangerous… Continue reading

How to Get What You Want

The law of consequence says thoughts, attitudes, behaviors, and decisions produce corresponding results. Apart from the law of consequence, leadership doesn’t matter. The law of consequence and getting what you want: Give what… Continue reading

How to Open Closed Minds

You aren’t open minded if you haven’t recently changed your mind. Discussing, debating, and exploring are window dressing if you aren’t adapting. Manipulators pretend to be open-minded but they’ve already made up their… Continue reading

I Hate Manipulators

The issue isn’t what you want. All leaders want the same thing, results. You can’t lead until you define desired results. Results drive everything leaders do. In the tension between getting results and building relationships,… Continue reading

The Secret to Defeating Manipulators

Don’t get played. Cowards, manipulators, and backstabbers encourage you to take risks so they don’t have to. They posture in shadows. Let others get dirty. They step into the light when it’s safe.… Continue reading