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Set Relationship Goals When Employee Retention Matters

I had a conversation with a high performing leader who is great at setting goals for results. But it’s time to set goals for relationships.

How can you make it delightful to work with you, even in high stress environments?

The Road to Magnificent Living

Imagined life persecutes current life when big dreams devalue small practices. Dream it – achieve it, is a malicious lie until you act. The road to magnificent living is paved with action, not… Continue reading

Stop Asking Dangerous Questions Before the New Year

I think about the new year with a sense of urgency, even though its arrival is no surprise. Disappointments and successes come to mind. Then I ask myself, “What do I want to… Continue reading

How to Make Goals Come to Life

Set a goal to run five times a week for a year. Or commit to run a marathon in six months. Running a marathon is a reason. A goal comes to life when… Continue reading

Did You Know that Good Intentions can Defeat You

Bocelli sings like an angel, but he was wrong when he said, “All that counts in life is intention.” “The smallest deed is better than the greatest intention.” Anonymous Intending: Intending is a… Continue reading

Crushing 5 Urgent Leadership Challenges

#1 Productivity: The difference between success and failure is doing things others put off. Protect time with priorities. Some things feel urgent but they don’t matter. Urgencies control weak leaders. Courageous leaders bird-dog priorities. Mission… Continue reading