The Road to Magnificent Living

Imagined life persecutes current life when big dreams devalue small practices. Dream it – achieve it, is a malicious lie until you act.

The road to magnificent living is paved with action, not imagination. Thinking ruins life when it leads to more thinking. Dreams matter when they guide action.

You become what you do.

Magnificent living is found in things you do, not things you imagine. Image of two curious kittens.

Ruinous goals:

Goals ruin life when they focus on results and forget daily practices. Few things are more destructive than a goal without action.

Satisfaction goes up based on behaviors, not imagined results. Don’t focus on things you want to do. Pay attention to the things you are doing.

Don’t confuse vision with goals. Vision is always out of reach. You strive to end world hunger, but don’t reach it. Goals define progress. When vision replaces actionable goals, you drag yourself to oblivion.

Magnificent living:

Life stings because you do things that make you miserable. The hardest decisions you make are stopping. How will you stop making yourself miserable? What are you doing today that reflects your imagined life?

Magnificent living is found in things you do, not things you imagine.

Image of glamorous gems.

Life is miserable because foolish dreams are nightmares that reveal themselves slowly. The life you want isn’t a constant vacation. It isn’t obstacle free. It isn’t leaping from one giggling moment to the next.

What comes to mind when you dream of the life you want? Beaches? First class seats in airplanes? Butlers?

The life you want is found in climbing, not resting. Rest is an enabler, not an end. Energy enables the climb. Rest restores energy.

Judge life not by dreams but actions. Vision for life isn’t about buildings, programs, and another zero on your bank account. Vision is loving people. Magnificent living is loving people today.

What can you do today that reflects magnificent living?

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