16 Practices that Reignite Momentum


You lost momentum because you did the right thing too long.

Momentum never changes until something changes.

Igniting momentum requires shifts in attitudes, behaviors, methods, and results.

16 practices to reignite momentum:

  1. Celebrate in public. Kick butt and complain in private.
  2. Define current reality. Don’t pussyfoot. Use hard data, observable behaviors, and market conditions to explain where you are.
  3. Admit what isn’t working.
  4. Take a break.
  5. Draw a line in the sand. Determine how long you’ll stay the course before making adjustments.
  6. Learn something that shifts your thinking.
  7. Learn by refocusing on customers and clients. Lost momentum invites leaders to isolate and sink inward.
  8. Eliminate toxic people, practices, and programs.
  9. Simplify. Ask, “What should we stop?” Kill the program that you fell in love with because it worked way back when. Energy returns when you stop wasting it.
  10. Narrow focus. Achieve one or two objectives. Do less.
  11. Send teams to conferences or seminars. Charge them to connect with successful leaders, not just listen to speakers.
  12. Evaluate through customers’ eyes, not your own.
  13. Explore key success factors. How are others succeeding? What causes turnarounds?
  14. Explain what you’re really doing, constantly. Rise above completing tasks; fulfill shared vision.
  15. Create and expect leadership cohesion. Grab an oar and row in the same direction.
  16. Listen to those who have succeeded.

Bonus: Working on positives more than negatives. Avoid taking the wind out of people’s sails.

5 questions that ignite momentum:

  1. When is our next win?
  2. What can we do now to create better?
  3. What will make next time better?
  4. What happened that made this great?
  5. How can we prepare for danger that’s around the corner?

Bonus: How can we integrate new talent?

Momentum – positive energy – comes after positive shifts in attitude, behavior, method, and results.

Which of the practices or questions do you find most useful?

How can leaders reignite momentum?

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