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7 Indignities of Youth

Elders flaunt the indignities of their youth to validate their superiority to younger generations. 50 years ago you could listen to your neighbors’ phone conversations on the party line. The trimline phone was… Continue reading

The Best Mentors Do These Six Things

New Book Giveaway! Leave a comment on this guest post by Lisa Z. Fain to become eligible win a complimentary copy of her and Lois J. Zachary’s new book, The Mentor’s Guide, 3rd… Continue reading

How to Not Do Anything Stupid with Your New Team

A young manager with a new team is like an ant pushing an elephant. It’s smart to be concerned. My friend Stan Endicott tells managers who ask for advice, “Don’t do anything stupid.”… Continue reading

10 Powerful Principles of Exponential Growth

You’ll never know who you might have been if you don’t grow. Success is about personal growth not techniques, strategies, or methods. Awkward: Growth feels awkward because it means not yet and not there. “Not… Continue reading