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Yes is Better Than No

The law of the hole states, “When you find yourself in a hole stop digging.”

No is a hole. Yes is a door.

5 ways to live into yes…


It’s natural to obsess over one bad thing and forget many good things.
Life is better than it seems for negative people.
How to escape the small box that negative thoughts creates.

12 Power Questions that Set a Positive Tone for Meetings

A negative tone treats people like tools and results like gods. Positive energy fuels performance. Skillful leaders set a positive tone. Negative energy feels like swamp-walking. A positive tone… “Excellence depends on a… Continue reading

10 Ways to Enjoy Work Now

You spend much of life working. Enjoy work so you can enjoy life. Enjoy work or hate life. 10 ways to enjoy work: #1. Don’t work. One of the best ways to enjoy… Continue reading

The Positive Value of Negative Emotions

Pretending everything is great is stupid. Everything is never great. Positivity that excludes negativity is illusion. You flounder when you deny reality. The positive value of negative emotions is the ability to thrive… Continue reading

Dear Dan: I Feel Burn-Out Because Administration Promotes Unqualified People

Dear Dan, First, I really enjoy your leadership tweets. Second, I’m currently at a job, where the administration seems to be promoting ‘yes men’ and not qualified people to supervisors. Not leaders. This… Continue reading