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10 ways to Enhance Charisma

Admiration converts to influence. Charismatic leaders achieve results through presence and personality. People seek the approval of charismatic leaders. They love giving them what they want. Magnetism and influence characterize charismatic leaders. 10… Continue reading

Finding Your Tennis Ball

The more you’re pushing, the less you’re doing what you love. Love pulls. “It’s not just about pushing yourself. It’s about finding your tennis ball.” Drew Houston, Co-founder and CEO of Dropbox. Obsession:… Continue reading

How to Develop Unstoppable Tenacity

Leaders slip into insignificance for lack of tenacity. Everything meaningful requires tenacity. The more meaningful the objective the more tenacity required. Willpower isn’t essential to tenacity, but, terror, hope, and joy are. Terror… Continue reading

Fuel for the Journey

Leading drains. Obligations weigh down. Expectations from others deplete. Dissatisfaction with yourself – the worst downer of all – saps energy. Add the problem of critics with personal agendas and you have a… Continue reading

Tackling Armchair Quarterbacks

Receiving criticism indicates you’re doing something. Get used to it. Armchair quarterbacks carry the burden of knowing what should have been done. Armchair quarterbacks know what you should have done and how you… Continue reading

Seeing the Secret of Engagement

 Successful leaders define meaning and explain purpose. There are no menial tasks as long as tasks have meaning. My recent stay (11/11) at Susquehanna Health (SH) exposed me to an array of remarkable people; not… Continue reading