Fuel for the Journey

empty gas guage

Leading drains.

Obligations weigh down. Expectations from others deplete. Dissatisfaction with yourself – the worst downer of all – saps energy. Add the problem of critics with personal agendas and you have a vigor-draining vortex.

Neglected obligation:

Your vitality is your responsibility.

  1. Think of leading as serving. Serving – being useful to others – energizes. Who doesn’t feel great after being helpful? Tip: Focus energy on people who welcome and respect service.
  2. Let, even invite, others to help you. Lone-ranger-leaders die broken and alone. Tip: The need to appear like you have it all together is one reason you’re falling apart.
  3. Listen to your energy gauge. Do more things that enhance vitality and fewer that drain.
  4. Fuel others by understanding what fills their tank. Successful leaders monitor the energy levels of others. Watch their eyes light up and ask, “What generated so much enthusiasm?” Tip: Feeling understood increases vitality.
  5. Be still. Vitality finds you when you’re quiet.

Bonus: Accept people for who they are not who you wish they were.


I’m often asked, “How do you write every day? Where do the ideas come from?”

I usually respond,

“I put more in my cup than I pour out.”

I read and discuss leadership every day. Useful leadership books, not only inform, they help me think my own thoughts. All great books help us think our own thoughts. Most of my books have my scribbled notes all through though them.

Every week I have conversations with the world’s leadership experts, scholars, teachers, and authors. A few are selfish self-promoters. The vast majority, however, are generous servants who want to matter by making a difference. They fill my cup.


Finding Vitality” – From a conversation with Francis Hesselbein

Vitality: Collisions between Stability and Instability” – A look at vitality from an organizational point of view

What fuels your vitality?

How do you find vitality when it’s lost?

Fuel your journey by listening to the journey of Stephen M.R. Covey:

Stephen M.R. Covey