10 ways to Enhance Charisma

Admiration converts to influence.

Charismatic leaders achieve results through presence and personality. People seek the approval of charismatic leaders. They love giving them what they want.

peacock up close

Magnetism and influence characterize charismatic leaders.

10 ways to enhance charisma:

  1. Approve of yourself. Charismatic leaders don’t need to be liked and don’t try to please everyone.
  2. Attack an enemy. Charismatic leaders rage against what’s wrong. “This can’t go on!” Fight against waste, injustice, or abuse.
  3. Demonstrate optimism. Powerless leaders spew disapproval without optimism. Anyone can complain. Charismatic leaders articulate compelling vision.
  4. Clarify focus. We are drawn to people who know what they want.
  5. Act with courage.
  6. Show commitment.
  7. Be outgoing. Charismatic leaders mingle.
  8. Affirm others.
  9. Express disapprove. Willingness to disapprove gives power to affirmations. The most charismatic leaders expressed strong disapproval. Think of Jesus, Gandhi, or Martin Luther King Jr.
  10. Believe you will win.

Bonus: Earn and receive the approval of people with power.

8 dangers of charisma:

  1. Isolation.
  2. Over-dependence. Organizations that relax because the leader will save them are doomed.
  3. Exemption. “I’m better than others.”
  4. Exploitation. “Just do what I say.”
  5. Over-cooperation.  It’s already difficult for people to speak the truth to you. Who speaks hard truths into your life?
  6. Unrealistic optimism.
  7. Abuse – things like using power to belittle others rather than address issues.
  8. Self-importance and arrogance.

5 ways to manage charismatic leaders:

  1. Expect and monitor delegating activities. Charismatic leaders make it all about themselves.
  2. Provide frequent honest feedback. Leaders who reject feedback are too big for their breeches.
  3. Focus on results. Dig below the hype and ask, what is really getting done.
  4. Evaluate peoples reactions. Confront the expectation of head-nodding.
  5. Establish strong accountability with a board or inner-circle. Any leader who rejects accountability is dangerous.

Charisma enhances influence.

I believe in servant leadership. But, many humble leaders are also charismatic.

What are the benefits or dangers of charisma?

How can leaders enhance charisma?