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A Powerful Path to Influential Connection

Masking weakness keeps people at arms length. Leaders who pretend they do all things well have shallow connections. I’m put off by insecure braggarts. Leaders without frailties are fakers. But… Frailties are channels of… Continue reading

How to Pop the Cork on Tough Conversations

If excellence was easy there’d be more of it. Excellence challenges average. The path to excellence is paved with tough conversations; not mean, tough. All great leaders achieve excellence by facing tough issues… Continue reading

How to Build Your Leadership Brand

People who aren’t known for something haven’t done anything. “How to Build a Brand,” was the title we settled on for a recent presentation. It included social media content and making money using your online… Continue reading

Getting the most from twitter

(If you have trouble reading the text in the graphics, holding down the ctrl key and pressing the “+” key should enlarge the font. Hold down ctrl and press “-” to shrink the… Continue reading

Are you becoming Irrelevant?

I met intriguing people when I visited the Dave Ramsey organization in Nashville. Yesterday while sitting in Starbucks I finally reconnected with Steve NeSmith their Senior Director of Online Content, Social Media and… Continue reading