Getting the most from twitter

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I’m still learning what twitter is all about. I’ve been using it for about 13 months.

Even though it’s all an experiment, it’s not unusual for twitter to identify my tweets as Top Tweets. This Sunday afternoon, I held all three Top Tweets in the leadership category. Much of that ranking is contingent on who is online using the #leadership hashtag.

Steve NeSmith, Senior Director of Online Content, Social Media and Email Marketing for the Dave Ramsey organization, suggested I survey my twitter tribe to see their thoughts on how I’m doing.

I’ve been experimenting with tweet frequency and content. I’ve tweeted as much as three or four times an hour. On the other end I’ve tweeted just a few times a day.

I’ve read you should tweet 12x times for others before tweeting your own content. I rejected that artificial suggestion. Most of my tweets are quotes and links with few reflecting conversations. I typically direct message (DM) personal conversations. In addition, Most of the links I tweet are to my own work.

I followed Steve’s suggestion and created a three question survey on The free version only tracks the first 100 results.

The 21 comments included suggestions from one time per day to, “As much as you like.”


The frequency of tweets with links to tweets without links isn’t much of a factor. Most of my tweets with links have a quotable sentences attached.


In my opinion, the third question wasn’t worded well. I intended it to reflect the use of twitter primarily as a leadership resource and not as a personal relationship tool. I don’t think the survey results answer that question.

These results are offered for the good of the twitter users in the Leadership Freak community. Feel free to add your input.


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