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Distinguishing the Wise from the Foolish

The most talented fool in the world only brings misery and destruction. Business is more than numbers and results. Leaders go astray when they neglect character at the expense of abilities. The gifts… Continue reading

Dealing with Your Doubts

Image source Doubt, contrary to popular opinion is useful. Leaders with doubts are wiser than those with none. Doubt asks, “What could go wrong?” Self-doubt says, “I could be wrong.” Only fools have… Continue reading

How to Walk a Crooked Line to Success

Determined leaders, who don’t change direction, end up in the wrong place. The down side of resolve, tenacity, and determination is refusing to learn and adapt as you go. The path to the… Continue reading

20 Ways to Spot Leaders with Understanding

All foolish leaders believe they understand things they don’t. Foolish leaders: Are cocky not confident – fearful. Pretend they like you when they don’t – manipulator. Reject authority – arrogant. Express anger quickly… Continue reading

Seize Your Most Powerful Leadership Moment

The most powerful leadership moment occurs when someone is vulnerable. Leadership is influence. Vulnerability is the channel of influence. Image source Vulnerability is the moment when others are crushed, lifted, inspired, or demotivated.… Continue reading

If You Aren’t Dumb You’re Stupid

Fearful leaders keep people in their place with fear. Fear leads with fear. On the other hand, confident leaders build self-confident followers. Build-up others – ask for advice. Most leaders say they believe… Continue reading