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Exposing god-like Advisers

There’s a long line of individuals who tell you how to lead. Nearly all do the same thing. They tell you how they would do it. But, they aren’t you. Arrogant advisers believe they are gods… Continue reading

10 Remarkable Qualities of Wise Leaders

Wisdom is about behavior not intelligence. Wisdom is practical not theoretical; skillful not academic. Wisdom gets things done. Fools sit and talk while the wise move out. I’m not suggestion it’s foolish to… Continue reading

Top 15 Strategies for Leadership Success

The first thing you need to know is: Success is a result not an end in itself. Five organizational strategies: Always create more harmony than discord. Build up more than you tear down,… Continue reading

Making the First Move

If you don’t move first you aren’t leading. But, don’t move first every time. Passion, vision, and compassion propel leadership-action. Leaders step in where others step back. All leaders move toward: Opportunity. Challenge.… Continue reading

The Danger of Aspirations

Foolish leaders permit aspirations to minimize affirmations. Affirmations encourage and motivate by pointing to progress and success. On the other hand, aspirations say we aren’t there yet. Aspirations set targets; affirmations celebrate achievement.… Continue reading

How to Stop Drifting and Find Focus

***** Life is a journey but you’re drifting unless you define your destination. The same is true for organizations. The first step toward success is defining it. Too eager to do: Activity seduces.… Continue reading