The window anger opens

Anger exposes you

Vein popping, face reddening, voice raising moments are potent opportunities for leaders.  I’m talking about that employee, son or daughter, neighbor, co-worker, boss, or spouse that just popped a cork and is sharing a piece of their mind they can’t afford to lose.

Angry people are transparent people.

I love to watch angry people.  Angry people are transparent people.  Angry people tell others how they really feel.  More importantly, angry people’s values and priorities are crystal clear to anyone who cares to observe.  I see the real you when you’re angry.  Churchill put it this way, “A man is about as big as the things that make him angry.”1

On the good side, anger demonstrates noble virtues like fairness, truth, and compassion.  On the ignoble side, anger uncovers jealousy, envy, laziness, dishonesty, and so much more.

Behind passion is the real person

Even if they are overreacting, angry people open a window to their soul.  Behind passion is the real person.  Leaders, parents, and, spouses reach higher by peeking through the window that anger opens.

Leadership Freak,

Dan Rockwell