Last night our leadership team skyped with a young leader in Brazil.  (We had a video chat)  He’s trying to embrace vision and choose a life-direction that will best leverage his skills and passions.  During the conversation he reminded me of an email I sent him on January 2.  Here’s some of the email.

I’ve been thinking about you and wondering if you’ve settled on any direction in life.  I wonder if the hardest part of the process is the “no” part of saying “yes” to something.  You know… when you say yes to a direction you have to say no to the other good directions you could choose.

I’ll set up a skype.  Someone will be in touch.  All the best in this New Year.


Choosing one career, business opportunity, life mate, college to attend, home to live in, or geographic location, closes the door on other immediate opportunities.

Leaders reach higher by courageously saying yes while letting go with a no.

An inability to say no is like chasing all the spilled marbles at the same time.  In the end, we lose them all.

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