Fasten your seatbelts this one might sting a little.


Do you love your voice?

I’m in love with my own voice.  My melodious pearls of wisdom are golden drops of honey for the huddled, starving masses.  My explanations are a cold-one to those poor, thirsty, low-level desert dwellers.  Or at least I think so.  I’ll admit it.  I’m in love with my own voice!  They say that’s the first step to recovery.

If you lead meetings and you love your own voice you’re driving everyone crazy!  So listen up.

  1. Stop interrupting and stop adding your two cents after someone else speaks
  2. Good agenda items are outcomes NOT topics
  3. Your staff meetings are too long and you talk too much
  4. Most of the stuff you’re saying was covered in another meeting
  5. People don’t need the history to get the task done
  6. Use electronic media i.e. email, intranet, or facebook for everyday information
  7. Use meetings to explain and prepare for major changes or initiatives
  8. Add value to the attendees
  9. Everyone knows, “we’ll follow up later” is code for drop it and forget it
  10. If it’s not relevant to everyone, everyone shouldn’t be there

There’s more but I better stop with 10 before you die from apoplexy.   If you’re wondering if you’re in love with your own voice, chances  are YOU ARE!  Admitting it is the first step to recovery.

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