About a year ago a new leader came into my life and things radically changed.  He had a background unique from mine.  He thought and lived and had priorities distinct from mine.  He regularly stretched my thinking, saw things I didn’t see, and overall made me uncomfortable.

Your long-term colleagues, friends, and co-workers are great for gradual growth and support along a predictable path.  But, dramatic change requires new connections with new people.

Leaders change life-trajectory by bringing outsiders in.

If you are serious about reaching higher you’ll bring outsiders in.  Expand your sphere of connections.  Get around people who make you uncomfortable.  Buy lunch for someone disconnected from your industry.  If you are older get with some young people.  Talk to outsiders about your vision for life and then carefully listen to them.  It will change you, your family, your business or organization.

Leaders reach higher by bringing the outside in.

Every life has trajectory.  We are ALWAYS heading somewhere.  Outsiders collide with established trajectories.  They open windows and light pathways to unexpected opportunities.  If you’ve hit a deadend, maybe it’s time to bring the outside in.

Leadership Freak,

Dan Rockwell