Frozen by perfection

Perfect plans for the future and perfect solutions to problems don’t exist.  Perfection paralyzes people.

Life is too short and this world is too broken for us to wait for perfection before progress.

Parents waiting to find “perfect solutions” to child rearing waste valuable time.  Couples seeking “perfect answers” to intimacy never find them.  Businesses working on “perfect organizational structures” spin their wheels.

Perfect solutions don’t exist because everything’s changing.  Today’s perfect solution is next month’s clunker.

Leaders change with change.  Leaders who don’t change with change aren’t leaders, they’re road blocks.

Choose the best option available today and move forward.

I’m not encouraging mediocrity.  I’m encouraging you to, “get off your butt and act.”  Adjust trajectory as you go.

Leaders reach higher by choosing the best available option.

The pursuit of perfection freezes people.