The first lie I told at work

From the other end of the phone I heard my boss asking, “Have you completed that project I asked for?”

Truth is I hadn’t started it. I was embarrassed. I didn’t want to look incompetent.  So I lied.

I can still hear that dirty lie slipping into the phone. I lied because I knew I could complete the task in short order. I protected my reputation with deceit. Sounds stupid doesn’t it?

As the phone hit it’s cradle, I knew I’d acted foolishly. I knew she could walk into my office at any moment and ask for the project I said I’d completed but hadn’t.

Even though the task was completed without incident, I vowed I would never tell another lie at work.

Always tell the truth.  There’s comfort and confidence in settling that question once and for all.

Does speaking the truth mean saying the worst?

For example, the boss calls asking if you’ve completed the project that, in truth, you haven’t started.

You can lie and say, “Yes.”

You can say, “I haven’t started it.”

You can say, “I’ll have it to you by 2:00.”


What’s your response?  Why?


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