Customer Loyalty

Vendors and service providers complain
that customers aren’t loyal anymore.

I’ve never been one to buy something simply because a certain company produced it so the frenzy over the iPad got me thinking about customer loyalty.

In the retail sector, does loyalty mean you stamp a logo on a product and I’m supposed to buy it?

Or in the service sector, does loyalty mean you neglect me and I’ll keep coming back for more abuse?

For example, if you make me wait 10 minutes for a cup of coffee that has too much lat in its latte’ am I’m supposed to call my friends and rave about your beverages?

You roll your eyes when I ask for no pickles on my burger and I’m supposed to enjoy feeling belittled?

Or in the supply sector, you ship inferior product and I’m supposed to renew my order?

You lower the quantity of product in your packages and raise the price without telling me and I’m supposed laugh with glee?

Focusing on customer loyalty puts the cart before the horse.

Vendors and service providers aren’t supposed to focus on customers being loyal to them. They are supposed to focus on being loyal to customers.


What do you think? Is the focus of loyalty something given or something received? Is the frenzy over the iPad customer loyalty or something else?


Leadership Freak

Dan Rockwell