“What works” is holding you back

You haven’t reached higher in life because you’re doing what works. “What works” is a set of strategies and skills you’ve developed because of your past. In other words, “what works” enables you to face predictable challenges you’ve already encountered. Living with “what works” is living in the past.

Your relationship strategies created the relationships you currently enjoy. If you’re looking for more or deeper relationships, you’ll have to adapt old strategies or adopt new ones. For example, you joined a local business association that produced your current pool of connections. In order to reach higher, you’ll need to find another association. Don’t keep swimming in one pond.

Your marketing strategies helped you reach your current level of sales. If you’re looking for dynamic improvement, you’ll have to adapt old strategies or adopt new ones. Or perhaps, you’ll have to develop new products and discard old ones. In either case, “what works” won’t keep working.

In order to reach higher you’ll need to do things that haven’t worked for you. They may have worked for someone else but not for you. Loving comfortable methods and practiced strategies holds you back.

Current success strangles future success.


How can past success strangle future success? How can past success be a platform rather than a barrier?


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Dan Rockwell