Into the Unknown

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Into the Unknown

Embracing personal vision-driven goals is counter intuitive because letting go of certainty doesn’t make sense.

Vision-engineering always takes individuals into the unknown.

Vision-driven goals can’t be achieved using current methods, current resources and current skill sets. Vision goes beyond the present. Vision always goes beyond comfort. If you know how to achieve your vision-driven goals, they aren’t vision-driven.

Two truths about vision-driven goals:

#1 – You’ve never achieved them before.

#2 – You can’t achieve them now.

S.M.A.R.T goals may be achievable but vision-driven goals aren’t.

Let me illustrate. My vision-driven goals for Leadership Freak originally included 500 email subscribers in the first year and 1,000 views per day.  Those are numbers I pulled out of a hat. I thought they were unattainable. However, they became attainable so I upped the email subscriber count to 3,000 in the first year and the views per day to 2,000. Honestly, I’m still pulling numbers out of a hat. For me, they are uncomfortable numbers.

Reality check: Leadership Freak page views rapidly grew to an average of 400 to 600 per day, excluding weekends. However, over the last 6 weeks, LF page views leveled off. If I continue using current strategies I won’t achieve my vision-driven goals.  I’m in the unknown and the unachievable.  It’s exciting, challenging, uncomfortable, and motivating.

Vision-driven goals always pull you away from the known and push you into the unknown. Success depends on letting go of current strategies and embracing strategies that haven’t worked yet.


I think vision-driven goals may apply to individuals but not organizations. Organizationally, it’s not S.M.A.R.T. to pull numbers out of a hat. What do you think? What are other qualities of vision-driven goals?


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