Lying at work

It’s my opinion that lying is rampant in the workplace.

5 Reasons people lie to the boss

#1. The boss can enhance or hinder your career track

#2. The boss can control your salary

#3. The boss argues with you when you tell them the truth

#4. The boss violates confidence

#5. The boss shoots the messenger and the problem you point out becomes your problem

5 ways to spot liars at work

#1. They blame others rather than take responsibility

#2. They never correct you

#3. Guilt may cause people to talk more

#4. Insecure people are more likely to lie

#5. Highly competitive people who need to win may tell more lies

If you are the boss, people lie to you unless …

#1. You honor those who disagree with you

#2. You give opportunities to those who think otherwise

#3. You stop hanging with brown nosers

#4. You keep asking questions that get to the bottom issues

#5. You point out inconsistencies that seem like lies

People tell the boss what the boss wants to hear. If you don’t aggressively address this tendency, many will lie to you. It isn’t necessarily malicious. It’s more likely self-serving.


Why do people lie at work?

How can leaders spot liars?


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