Awesomely Simple

I think any fool can make something complex. On the other hand, it takes real skill to make things simple. John Spence is passionate about simplicity and his book “Awesomely Simple” is true to its title. It’s rigorously simple. That means it’s delightfully useful.

Over the past 15 years John has learned that business is not complex. He’s distilled lasting business success down to six awesomely simple, yet powerful principles.

#1. Vivid vision

#2. Best people

#3. Robust communication

#4. Sense of urgency

#5. Disciplined execution

#6. Extreme customer focus

My two favorite chapters

I don’t want to diminish the value of all the chapters; however, I personally loved the chapter on recruiting talent titled, “Best people.”  John says, “The future of your company is directly tied to the quality of the talent you can attract and keep.” I learned that I’m about two years behind in recruiting efforts. As a result of this chapter I look at the people I meet with an eye toward recruitment.

The other chapter that changed me most was, “Sense of Urgency.” The section on “Four level decision making,” is simply genius. Additionally, the nugget about fostering disagreement on page 115 so that teams don’t get stuck on the opinions of more influential members is worth the price of the book.

A random quote from page 161

“… Many companies fail to realize that some of their lowest-paid and often least-respected employees are actually in the best position to make or break the company.”

Organization and resources

Each chapter ends with useful summaries, an effectiveness audit, things to think about, and turning ideas into action. In addition, the Awesomely Simple website is packed with videos, articles, and other useful resources to help readers get to the next level. Finally, if you like e-books, there’s a kindle version.

I’m reading “Awesomely Simple,”a second time. More reviews are on Amazon.


What awesomely simple business or leadership truth can you share with the Leadership Freak community?


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