A Monday reminder

I was a catcher when I played Little League (LL).

I knew the founder of Little League, Carl Stotz (Feb. 20, 1919 – June 4, 1992).

I live in Williamsport, PA – the home of Little League.

The Little League World Series is in town this week.

TV coverage of the Little League World Series reveals an intentional focus.

What I don’t see. I don’t see a focus on paid staff and organizational leaders.

What I do see. I see video shorts of LL players, fans, coaches, and volunteers. Specifically, the players are consistently front and center.

Little League (LL), knows that turning the spot light on players lifts the LL organization as a whole.

Leadership Lessons from Little League.

Focus on that which expresses your organizational mission not your structure, processes, or procedures. Organizations naturally turn inward and focus on themselves. It’s easy to think about things you are doing and lose sight of ultimate ends. When this happens organizations begin serving themselves and eventually die. LL knows it’s all about players and volunteers.


What can organizations do to maintain mission focus?