Top three mistakes leaders make

The positive value of making mistakes.

Mistakes indicate you are trying new things. Einstein put it this way, “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”

Furthermore, embracing our mistakes enlightens us. James Joyce explained, “A man’s errors are his portals of discovery.”

Most importantly, our mistakes make us. While successes reiterate who we are, mistakes create and recreate us.

Top three mistakes leaders make.

Clinging to the command and control model of leadership is catastrophic when knowledge workers are involved. Knowledge workers frequently know more than the boss. Command and control leaders frustrate and de-motivate. However, setting knowledge workers free leverages their skills, enhances their effectiveness and allows companies to exceed the reach of management.

Losing the big picture in the details slows forward momentum, lowers productivity, creates unnecessary stress, and under-utilizes talented staff. Leaders reach higher and go further when they delegate rather than dive into details.

Neglecting the big Mo results in flat individuals and organizations. Untended organizations naturally cool down and become problem centric structures with negative attitudes. Leaders may forget the power of celebrating small wins to create and nurture momentum.

Today may be a good day for you to better leverage the skills of a knowledge worker, or refocus on the big picture, or fuel organizational momentum.


In your opinion, what are the top mistakes leaders make?