Multiplying Results

“What can I delegate?” is the wrong question.


Effective delegation increases your potential because it multiplies results.

The Rule

I frequently hear leaders say, “What can I delegate?” That’s the wrong question and reflects the wrong orientation. It’s better to ask, “What can’t I delegate?” Delegation should be the rule not the exception. Think delegation first.


You can’t delegate core responsibilities. If your job depends on assessing the financial health of your company, never pass that off. If you do, eventually, you may be “passed off.”

Onetime Activities

Weigh the time it takes to delegate a onetime activity against benefit. If the onetime task is long-term then delegate it. If it’s short-term it may be better to just do it.

Them not you

I’ve also heard, “Delegate what you aren’t good at.” There’s a better option. Make delegation about them not you. What are they good at? What do high potentials want to do? Additionally, delegate tasks that help develop others.

They aren’t as good as me

I’ve heard people say they don’t delegate because no one can do it as good as they can. These people never multiply results.

Others don’t have to do things as good as you. They have to do things good enough. Good enough coupled with a passion to get better takes everyone further.


Always delegate vision before delegating tasks. Vision fuels fires while tasks are just one more thing to do.


What other delegation tips, suggestions, or warnings can you offer leaders?


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