What’s on your list?

Several individuals are attributed as saying, “Leaders are readers.”

Here is a list of books, in no particular order that authors or publishers have recently sent. I’m planning to review several very soon. (In case you plan to purchase books for the holidays.)  All book reviews I publish include book give aways, so stay tuned.

Have you read any books listed below? If so, what did you think?


Strategic Speed: Mobilize People & Accelerate Execution by Davis, Frechette, Jr., & Boswell.  (Next review)

Lateral Approach to Taking Charge: Simple Principles for New Bosses on Building Authority and Partnerships by Sit & Bundgaard.

Lateral Approach for Creating Success: How not to Leave Success to Chance by Sit & Bundgaard

QBQ! The Question Behind the Question: What to Really Ask Yourself to Eliminate Blame, Complaining, and Procrastination by Miller.

All Hands on Deck: 8 Essential Lessons for Building a Culture of Ownership by Tye.

Outstanding: 47 Ways to Make your Organization Exceptional by Miller.

Flipping the Switch: Unleash the Power of Personal Accountability using the QBQ! by Miller.

Serve to Lead: Your Transformational 21st Century Leadership System by Stock.

Open Leadership: How Social Technology can Transform the Way you Lead by Li.

The Recipe by Amilya Antonetti.

Management it’s Not what you Think by Mintzberg, Ahlstrand, & Lampel.

Good Boss Bad Boss: How to be the Best and Learn from the Worst by Sutton. Review is complete; I’m waiting for Q & A from the author.

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What books are on your reading list?

Have you read any books that I listed? If so, what did you think?