The value of ignorance

Everyone is ignorant of many things and knowledgeable about very few. Ignorance has nothing to do with intelligence and everything to do with not knowing. Intelligent people can be ignorant. You may be knowledgeable about lagging economic indicators and at the same time ignorant of how to change the oil in your car.


People frequently complain about the ignorance of others. Computer technicians complain about the ignorance of users. Managers complain about the lack of knowledge in the workforce. Leaders complain that people don’t understand the pressures they feel.

Anyone one who is good at something deals with ignorant people. If you aren’t dealing with people who don’t know, you don’t know much.


Rather than complaining about the ignorance of customers, employees, clients, colleagues, or the world in general, be thankful.  Be thankful you can add value to others.

The value of ignorance is it gives value to your knowledge.

Would you like to find new opportunities? Look for ignorance. Would you like to leverage your knowledge for the good of others? Solve ignorance.

More than thankful

Your knowledge should make you humble because you know what it’s like to deal with ignorant people. Frequently, you don’t know. Therefore, it’s likely that others are frustrated by your ignorance.

Note: I realize this post borders on promoting ignorance. All I’m doing is exalting the value of ignorance to highlight a point.


Are you frustrated with the ignorance of others?

Do your frustrations point to opportunities?