Face-draggers Anonymous

Mom used to say, “Stand up straight Danny.” Danny’s my given name and when I go home they still call me that.

Mom lives in Florida now and I have a problem. When I walk and think, I lower my head. Perhaps walking and thinking at the same time is dangerous but I like living on the edge. 😉

Then it hits me. My head is hanging down and I’m walking like the hunch back of Notre Dame.  Sorry Mom.

Frankly, I’m lucky I’m tall.  If I was short, I’d be a stumbling face-dragger, tripping over my own chin.

The cares of life, urgent needs, and deadlines weigh people down. We say things like, “Carrying a burden.” Or, “You look like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders.” Beyond that, we constantly talk to ourselves with an inner voice that isn’t always affirming.

Here’s the profound lesson of the day.

Hold your head up.

Your breathing changes and you’ll feel better if you simply hold your head up.  Now don’t get all cocky and hold your nose in the air. Just lift your eyes from the ground, raise your head, and breathe. It’s funny how a little change makes a big difference.

Advanced users might try throwing their shoulders back to enhance the effect. Just don’t make it too complicated. 😉

Seriously, I find holding my head up, lifts my attitude, relaxes my breathing, and helps me get back in the moment.


What simple, little things can leaders do to make their day better?