Passion blinds you

You can’t have a logical conversation with an angry person? You can’t reason with an emotional person. Logic and reason may incite them. Passions blind them.

Please understand, I’m all for passion. Garry V. says, “Passion trumps everything.” He might be a bit over-passionate with that statement. But it holds powerful insight. On the other hand …

Passion has a down side

Recently I chatted with a passionate success-driven businessperson that’s blinded by passion. He consistently ignores obvious truths in order to continue holding to false beliefs. During our conversation, I simply repeated his own assessments of the situation. Upon hearing his own assessments, he rejected them. His replies consistently began with, “Yes but…” and “Not really.”

Examples of blindness

Passion to reach sales goals may blind you to your rudeness with support staff.

Passion to climb the corporate ladder may blind you to unethical behaviors.

In the past, my passion to lead a vision-driven organization caused me to neglect important steps in the change management process.

The highest danger point

The initial stages of passionate-vision make some feel they know more than they know and they can do more than they can do. They minimize the skill, energy, finances, and time required to fulfill their vision while magnifying real and imagined opportunities.


In addition, it’s hard to reason with a person that’s filled with the emotion of passionate vision. Passion may close the mind.


  1. Acknowledging that passion may cause blindness is a good beginning.
  2. Explain the blindness dynamic to a friend that can speak the truth to you. Invite them to point out your blind behaviors. When they speak, close your mouth and open your ears.
  3. Try selling your passionate vision to a dispassionate outsider. Their questions and evaluations may open your eyes to realities you’re blind to.


Can you share some examples of passion-induced blindness?

How can leaders deal with blindness that’s caused by passion?