Bringing contrasting qualities together

New York Time’s bestselling author, four-time entrepreneur, jazz musician, and creativity expert, Josh Linkner was not what I expected. Josh authored, “Disciplined Dreaming: A Proven System to Drive Breakthrough Creativity.”

I expected a creative person to be more touchy-feely. I expected him to be casual and jovial. However, he was highly focused and more directed than I expected. Thinking back on our conversation, what else should I expect from a person whose company, ePrize, generated $70 million in its ninth year?

One day later, here’s what I think.

Josh Linkner is a rare bird that has qualities that don’t usually live in the same body. Creative, improvisational folks aren’t structured, systematic, and driven. They get up late, stay up late, and don’t give a rat’s behind for structure.

On the other hand, highly focused, driven individuals love structure, consistency, and getting up early. They write books with, “Disciplined” and “Proven System,” in the title.

Here’s an observation

In business, “average potentials” are either creative or structured. “High potentials” are creative and structured. Stunning success depends on both/and not either/or.

A few rare birds, like Josh are both/and animals.

A suggestion for regular mortals

All the type “A” achievers in the house, go hug a touchy-feely. Make friends with your opposite. I know you structure-lovers are thinking, “But Dan, those touchy-feelies are so irresponsible and irritating.” The same goes for you touchy-feely folks. Go hug one of those rigid, structured-people with a pocket protector and combed hair.

The Surprise

Josh believes everyone is creative. He’s on a mission to teach everyone how to tap into their creativity. Maybe you don’t have to hug a touchy-feely after all. More tomorrow …

The conversation continues: “Leaping before you look


First, what’s your feedback on my observation? Does both/and take people further?

Second, how can leaders bring contrasting qualities together without watering down either?