Try less

Chances are you don’t need encouragement to try harder and reach higher. It’s in your nature. That’s one reason you’re reading this blog.

Today, try less – “be” more

Yesterday, I mentioned Frances Hesselbein’s 12 word definition of leadership. “Leadership is a matter of how to be not how to do.”

Not rejecting techniques

Saying, “Leadership is a matter of how to be not how to do,” is not a blanket exclusion of leadership development. Developing skills is an expression of you.


If the skills you are developing don’t express who you are, you are a manipulator. If the methods you employ and skills you are learning are consistent with who you are, you are authentic.

“Being” a leader is not about sitting under a tree contemplating the meaning of your navel. It’s about confidence in the person you have become. Joy in the person you are becoming today and hope about future effectiveness and influence.


Expressing leadership in terms of behaviors is essential. However, the other side of leadership is the person behind the behaviors. You’ll have less stress and more confidence if you learn how to “be.”

Today, try less and “be” more.


What keeps leaders from “being” leaders?

What can you suggest that might help leaders try less and “be” more?