Stress: Finding Cures in Causes

Spotting and understand stress-factors begins your journey to less stress.

Stress is an unavoidable, natural response to demands, threats, overloads, new situations, deadlines, or other pressures. Don’t be stressed that you feel stressed. However, work to mitigate it.


Additionally, the straw that broke the camel’s back is a way of saying small stressors accumulate. That means a series of small pressures creates the same stress as one or two large stressors.

And’s of stress:

Positive and negative experiences produce stress. Both a marriage and a funeral are stressful. Good stress and bad stress have the same results.

Stress includes your perception of the world around you. In that sense, stress is caused by the external world in combination with that which is within.

15 Reasons Leaders Feel Stress

  1. An inability to say no
  2. Lack of systems, processes, and procedures
  3. Negative comparisons with the strengths or successes of others
  4. Unrealistic expectations
  5. Defining themselves by the opinions of others
  6. Inability to trust others
  7. Anger, resentment or bitterness
  8. Acting independently from the C-Suite or Board of Directors
  9. Dishonesty
  10. Lack of sustaining relationships
  11. Arrogance rather than humility
  12. Pretending to know more than they know
  13. Losing sight of the big picture
  14. Focusing more on receiving than giving – too much giving is a problem too
  15. Feeling disconnected from a larger purpose or direction

Cures for stress emerge by shifting the negative causes of stress to new attitudes and positive behaviors. For example, stress caused by an inability to say no is mitigated by learning to say no.


What other reasons for stress can you add to the list of 15? Which is most stressful for you?

What positive behaviors help mitigate stress?

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