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How to Get Your Head Out of Your You-Know-What

Self-absorbed leaders unintentionally trivialize the people around them.  Don’t expect extraordinary performance from people you devalue and disrespect.  If you’re really that important, make others feel valued. People who feel respected are more… Continue reading

12 Ways to Confront Doubt with Certainty

Ignorance never doubts. Times are always uncertain. Uneasy leaders understand: Decisions impact others. Circumstances change. Failure is possible. Boldness without doubt is tragedy waiting to happen. When stakes are high, explore your doubts.… Continue reading

5 Ways to Become the Leader People Look To When it Counts

Unrealistic kindness and untempered helpfulness result in unreliability. A reliable average leader is more valuable than unreliable top talent.  Reliability validates your value. The good news is, reliability doesn’t take talent.   Reliability… Continue reading

When Silence is Painful, Not Golden

Failure to bring up disappointing performance is cruel, not compassionate. Apart from intervention, negative trajectory accelerates.   When silence is painful, not golden: Silence when performance disappoints prolongs pain, increases stress, and affirms… Continue reading

The 5 Most Painful Leaders to be Around

Some leaders are painful to be around. To be honest, sometimes you and I are the pain. We’ve all been the leader others complain about. The 5 most painful leaders to be around: Nit-pickers.… Continue reading

5 Ways to Find Gratitude Even While Facing Dissatisfaction

Successful leaders see the dark and the bright. Lousy leaders only see the dark. Teams shrivel under the bitterness of ungrateful leadership. Image source 7 sources of ungratefulness in leadership: Dissatisfaction. The trouble is, I’ve… Continue reading