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How to Define Deadweight

Teams rise when you ditch deadweight.

One bad apple lowers performance by 30 to 40 percent.

How to define deadweight…

Your Lens Determines Vision

The way you see yourself is the way you see the world. For example: Weakness sees threats. Competence sees opportunities.

The Ripple Effect: Understand How Consequences Work

Consequences mean actions matter. Even painful consequences reinforce the potency of our actions.

Some actions deliver immediate consequences.

Everyone Wants 5 Things

At the core, everyone wants 5 things. The only differences between us are how we describe and pursue what we want.

Why leaders care that everyone wants 5 things.

12 Ways to Make Today a Great Day

Begin the day by choosing to make it a great day. Don’t expect others to make your day great. 12 ways to make today a great day: 1. Pause, breathe, and focus. Before… Continue reading

Dear Dan: Am I Helping or Hindering

Today I’m answering a wonderful question from a reader. I wish more people asked, “How can I tell if I am helping or hindering.

We’ve all seen our efforts backfire.

Every leader has to terminate people. How can you do this without negative reflections on your own leadership skills?

How can you tell if someone really wants to grow?

Steady on!