As One: Individual Action, Collective Power

Leadership is about productivity, people, and purpose; it’s about exceeding the impact of individuals by creating a “cohesive group of people working together effectively toward a common goal or purpose.”

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Remarkable results demand clearly understood models with clearly defined rules that explain the ways people effectively work together. Essentially, collaborative endeavors require a language that both defines relationships and enables freedom within the rules of engagement.

Challenge: We don’t know enough about collaborative endeavors.

Enter: “As One: Individual Action, Collective Power,” by Mehrdad Baghai and James Quigley.  The title is brilliant just like every carefully crafted sentence printed between its covers.

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As One explodes narrow approaches to leadership by explaining, illustrating, and applying eight dynamic and distinct models of leadership behavior.

As One links situation with methodology. You’ll learn which of 8 models of behavior result in a cohesive group of individuals working as one. In addition, As One offers six key characteristics of each leadership model. For example, the Community Organizer & Volunteer includes:

  1. Volunteers view themselves as highly independent decision makers.
  2. Volunteers want frequent opportunities to express their opinions.
  3. Volunteers choose to opt into campaigns case by case.
  4. Community organizers often use narratives to motivate the volunteers
  5. Volunteers are usually treated the same and have equal rights.
  6. Community organizers’ power increases as the number of volunteers grows.

Effective leaders create an “As One Agenda” focused on critical “Who – What” information. Who needs to participate and what needs to be done.

Beyond determining the “As One Agenda,” the leader’s greater challenge is addressing diverse interpretations of what “working together” means.  Effective leaders equip themselves and their teams with unifying language that creates, establishes, and informs collaboration (the How).

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