Full Steam Ahead!

“In our work with organizations worldwide, we have observed that the biggest impediment to managers becoming great leaders is the lack of a clear vision…,” Ken Blanchard and Jesse Stoner.

A confession:

I must admit it’s not natural for me to enjoy a business fable. You know, a leadership book wrapped around a made-up story. Having said that, I’ve run across a few that really floated my boat. “Full Steam Ahead,” is one.

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A secret:

I learned from the authors that “Full Steam Ahead,” is a true story masquerading as a fable. Everything in it happened. The names were changed to protect the innocent/guilty. The companies, phone messages, and conversations all exist.

A Definition:

Vision is knowing who you are, where you are going, and what will guide your journey.”


What if you aren’t the “leader”:

I’m frequently asked, “What can I do to change my organization?”

Answer: Develop vision for your own division or department. If your organization eventually develops vision, bring yours into alignment. Don’t wait. Act now.

Vision how:

  1. “The process of creating the vision is as important as what the vision says.” Get together with coworkers and work on creating a vision that illustrates purpose. Engagement creates enthusiasm and ownership.
  2. Define, describe, and practice everyday behaviors that make your vision real today.
  3. Create support structures. The Lone Ranger had Tonto. Surprisingly, only you can dismantle your walls of aloneness.
  4. Set goals and create action plans.


Evaluate success by progress not arrival. A vision you can achieve is only a goal. It’s too low.


What everyday practices make your vision real today?


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