Seven ways to refill your emotional tank

Running on empty damages you, your organization, and those around you. Eventually you’ll do and say things you’ll regret.

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Leaders feel the ebb and flow of emotion.

Monthly cycles, duties you hate, unexpected failures, and persistent problems drain your emotional tank. Nagging stress pulls down like lead weight.

Beware! Apart from intervention, leaders end up defeated – running on “E.”

Caring for yourself enables you to care for others.

Seven ways to refill your emotional tank

#1. Create predictability by developing processes and procedures. For example, create check lists for repeated tasks that free your mind to focus on achievement.

#2. Tell a trusted friend or advisor you’re emotional tank’s running low. You may enjoy presenting the façade of invincibility but eventually it will crush you. Sharing frustrations, disappointments, and stress helps re-fuel your emotional tank.

#3. Leverage rituals. I eat lunch nearly every day with my wife. It’s a point of energizing sameness.

#4. Get some rest.

#5. Do the dirty deeds you’ve been putting off. Procrastination drains you. The dread of doing hated tasks is more draining than actually doing them.

#6. Watch your diet. I find eating fewer carbohydrates and more protein helps level the emotional playing field.

#7. Give yourself something to look forward to; a walk, reading a book…

It’s dangerous to constantly give-out and not take-in.

Do a quick inventory. Are you restoring your emotional well-being? If you aren’t, your emotional tank will run dry and you may get stuck on empty.

What refuels your emotional tank?