The CEO of Deloitte Learns Respect from his Dad

You should respect Jim Quigley, the leader of the world’s largest professional services organization. Jim Quigley told me, however, that leadership is about giving respect.

Jim said, “What I believe about leadership I learned from my dad.”

This story from his youth explains how one night over dinner Jim learned the value of respect.

Dinner at the Quigley household was an active experience as the eight of us gathered. As a youngster I decided one evening I would provide the dinner entertainment. Rex, my father’s foreman, spoke with a very pronounced lisp, and I decided I was going to provide my best imitation of him.

My older sisters snickered, but my father did not even crack a smile. He simply looked at me and said: “Jimmy you do not know or appreciate all that Rex does for the Forest Service and how important he is to me.” The entertainment was over.

I once naively thought Rex’s loyalty was the result of my Dad’s position as the Ranger, but experience and reflection has taught me that he was loyal to my Dad because my Dad provided him with respect.

  1. Treat others with respect and you can be an effective member of a team.
  2. Treat others with respect and you can be a leader.
  3. Treat others with respect and you can sell your company’s products and services.

I have watched some enormously talented partners fall far short of their potential, because they did not learn this simple lesson. Treat others with respect.


What makes you feel respected?

How do you show respect to others?


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