Five things that tick me off!

I’m declaring this “Whining Wednesday,” again.  About 7 months ago I had great fun getting a few things off my chest. Many readers enjoyed adding their own irritations to my list.

Don’t bother offering to help. I’m not looking for solutions. I’m just whining.

Five things that tick me off (or at least irritate me):

  1. Over the top gushy emotion – ugh!
  2. Drama – Deal with it and move on.
  3. Those going nowhere criticizing those working to go somewhere – lead follow or get out of the way.
  4. People who don’t say what they really think – just stop talking.
  5. Loooonnnnngggg boring meetings that are tightly controlled – send an email or write a book, sheesh!

What ticks you off?

What’s the burr under your saddle, stone in your shoe, or tack in your chair? Feel free to post under a false name. Go ahead, take a walk on the dark side.

If one of my irritants is one of yours, write it anyway – misery loves company.


Exploring your irritations opens the backdoor to understanding your values.


Here are the results from the last time we had “Whining Wednesday.”