16 Enlightening Communication Principles

I’m intentional with 20% of my words; the rest is vain babbling.

I’ve never left a meeting wishing I spoke more. I have, on the other hand, continued speaking after running out of  things to say.

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Words are the cheapest yet most powerful tool available to all leaders. Words lift or push down, enlighten or confuse, energize or de-motivate, and create or destroy.

The Power of Words:

  1. Flatterers puff you up so you’ll lift them up.
  2. Backstabbers secretly invite you to condemn yourself by inviting you to condemn others.
  3. Always answer a question with a question.
  4. Casually spoken words cut. Stop blabbing.
  5. The rule for words is restraint: fewer words are better than many words. Churchill said, “We are masters of the unsaid words, but slaves of those we let slip out.”
  6. Words limit and create bondage like a snare. Avoid unnecessary promises and commitments.
  7. Life giving words are intentional; seldom accidental.
  8. Intentionally energize rather than accidentally demotivate with your words.
  9. Harsh words invite harshness.
  10. Gentle words drain drama and anger.
  11. Quiet words enable better than loud words.
  12. Loud words excite or overwhelm; more frequently they overwhelm.
  13. Avoid whisperers they manipulate.
  14. Behaviorally speaking lying is hatred.
  15. Never publicly improve the boss’s words.
  16. Embrace the two to one rule. Ask two questions – at a minimum – before making statements.

What have you learned about the power of words?

How can leaders use words more effectively?