How to Overcome the Fear of Losing

Fear of losing keeps you from winning; holding on holds you back. The more you have to lose the more you have to protect. Protecting is backward facing.

Protect family and reputation but let go of past success.

Clinging to success makes you fail.

Things to hold to:

  1. Cling to dreams – let go of successes. Past success is a great platform but a horrible resort.
  2. Cling to serving people let go of things. Dreams about cars, homes, vacations, and wealth won’t satisfy if you aren’t already satisfied; they only make you more of who you currently are.

Great dreams have little to do with buildings, accomplishment, or reputation. Those things are, at best, tools on the path to serving others.

Great dreamers dream of how to improve the world more than acquiring new things.

When Martin Luther King said, “I have a dream,” it was about others.

Dreams centered on things foster fear of losing things, but dreams focused on serving people set us free.

Creating obligations:

Serving people, while expecting them to serve you in return, creates bondage. Serve freely. This point has nothing to do with compensation. You deserve what you earn. Give more than what you earn.

Reciprocity is normal and desirable, but demanding it is manipulation.

One more thing:

Serving others begins when you serve your gift. Honor your best self by giving it to others. Express who you. Don’t squander it.

Final word:

Don’t wait till you have everything you want before serving others.

What attitudes or behaviors address the fear of losing?