Meetings that Inspire Vibrancy and Vitality


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I’ve led more than a thousand leadership meetings. I’ve left many feeling lousy. But, Friday, I left a leadership meeting feeling great.

I still had a list of things I could have done differently. I’m always tweaking my performance. But I felt revitalized.

After Friday’s meeting, I received a text that began, “Thanks for an energizing meeting! …”

People in the meeting have:

  1. Trust. Without trust teams spend most of their time in protection mode.
  2. Respect. We know and accept each other’s strengths and weaknesses, even as we work to bring out each other’s best.
  3. Loyalty. We stand shoulder to shoulder working for the best of our organization. There’s no gamesmanship.
  4. Honesty, candor, and transparency. We’re learning to say what we really think, not what we’re supposed to think. Trust, respect, and loyalty enable honesty, candor, and transparency.
  5. Friendship.
  6. Vitality.
  7. Initiative. We’re in it up to our elbows. It’s a small team. There’s no room for drifters.

4 ways to energize meetings:

Spend more time on opportunities and less on problems. Problems are magnetic. In the past, we focused on solving problems. No wonder I left meetings feeling drained.

Concentrate on where you’re going. Momentum never builds until everyone knows where you’re going and you take steps to get there.

Celebrate wins that reinforce values. One of our values is relationship. At the beginning of the meeting, I acknowledged and affirmed a new leader who acts like he belongs. Established relationships make new leaders feel like outsiders. At a recent social event, it was great seeing “the new guy” act like an insider.

Create action items for everyone in the room. Ask, “Who’s doing what by when?” Meetings without action items are wasted time. Send a memo. Momentum requires forward focused action.

What transforms meetings from drainers to energizers?

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