I Hate my Boss


I’ve been asking people if they ever had a boss they hated.

The follow up question, “How did you deal with them?” The first thing they usually say, “I avoided them.”

Hated bosses:

  1. Disenfranchise by hanging with other bosses and ignoring “the troops.” Snobbery, even if it’s unintentional, is off putting.
  2. Deflate when trying to motivate. They shame, make negative comparisons, and belittle, for example.
  3. Demoralize with favoritism. Quality of work is irrelevant when the boss has a golden child.
  4. Dishearten with disengagement and laziness. You’d be surprised how frequent the complaint of laziness comes up.
  5. Devalue effort by ignoring progress.
  6. Discourage by changing direction in midstream.
  7. Disappoint by excluding. They make decisions in isolation. Seldom seek input. Talk first and listen last.

Bonus: Hated bosses won’t make decisions.

Visit Facebook to read, “Top reasons people hate their bosses include _________.” (8/29/2013)

How to be loved:

  1. Win! Define wins. Create wins. Celebrate wins. Everybody loves a winner. What’s today’s win?
  2. Inspire belief. Help people believe in themselves, the team, the future. Loved leaders bolster belief.
  3. Talk about where we’re going, constantly. Work becomes drudgery if all it is work. Vision gives sweat purpose. Create a future.
  4. Spend more time creating happiness. Negative environments happen; positive require focused effort. One negative comment weighs three times as much as a positive. Smile more. Cheer more.
  5. Avoid the importance trap. Make others feel important. You matter most when you make others matter. Show respect rather than demanding it.
  6. Give away all the credit. Yes, all! Focus on what they’re doing, not what you’re doing. Don’t pat yourself on the back. It’s pathetic.
  7. Tell people what you want. Everyone hates self-protective, cowardly bosses who never get to the point.

What do “hated” bosses do?

How can leaders be more loved?