5 Ways to Face What You’d Like to Avoid

The problems you’d love to avoid make leadership relevant.

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While facing difficulties, successful leaders demonstrate:

  1. Emotional stability. Adding drama doubles every problem. Lower your voice and calm your spirit. Take a breath and smile.
  2. Compassion. Self-absorbed leaders ascribe negative motives to people who are simply struggling to find their place or make meaning of the future. Avoid labeling the behaviors of others. Observe, acknowledge, and where necessary, confront behaviors that undermine organizational success.
  3. Clarity. Confusion is the result of giving equal weight to everything. Focus energy on activities that matter most. Engage in essentials.
  4. Inclusion. Reject temptations to go it alone. The times you’re most tempted to exclude others are the times you need them most.
  5. Optimism. Name the ugly beast and believe you can make things better.

Bonus: Fix your attention on finding solutions. The difference between strength and weakness is whether you whine about problems or work to fix them.

How can leaders best face problems they’d like to avoid?